Diamonds Are Forever (1971) Ernst Stavro Blofeld Played by Charles Gray IMDb Profile Charles Gray returns to the Bond series after playing Bond’s contact in You Only Live Twice. In Diamonds Are Forever, Blofeld stockpiles diamonds to make a laser satellite capable

On Her Majesty’s Secret Service (1969) Ernst Stavro Blofeld Played by Telly Savalas IMDb Profile Blofeld reveals his face in 1969’s OHMSS. Bond accompanies Blofeld in his Swiss Alps headquarters, where his plans for the production of a super-human race would

You Only Live Twice (1967) Ernst Stavro Blofeld Played by Donald Pleasence IMDb Profile For appearing in a total of seven Bond movies, SPECTRE head Blofeld is probably the most famous Bond villain ever. The cat-loving madman first pitted against

Emilio Largo Played by Adolfo Celi IMDb Profile SPECTRE’s number two and one of their best agents, Largo hijacks two nuclear missiles in Thunderball and threatens to launch them if the US won’t pay ransom. Largo is a very ruthless

Auric Goldfinger Played by Gert Fröbe IMDb Profile Goldfinger is a strange millionaire with an obsession for gold. His plan is to blow a nuclear bomb in Ft. Knox to devalue US gold and increase the worth of his own.

Rosa Klebb Played by Lotte Lenya IMDb Profile Klebb defected from SMERSH to join SPECTRE as their number 3. She entices Bond into a trap by using a LEKTOR decoder and beautiful Russian cypher clerk as a bait. She possesses

Dr. Julius No Played by Joseph Wiseman IMDb Profile Joseph Wiseman played the first Bond villain very faithful to his Fleming counterpart. The cold-calculating Doctor had a plan to dominate the world by controlling US space ship launches from his

Le Chiffre Played by Peter Lorre IMDb Profile Eastern European actor Peter Lorre played the husky French villain in the 1954 made-for-tv movie Casino Royale. His vice is the card game baccarat and plays against Bond. Unfortunately for him, Bond cleans