Live and Let Die (1973) Rosie Carver played by Gloria Hendry   Rosie Carver is a CIA agent operating on the fictional island of San Monique in the 1973 James Bond film Live and Let Die. In the film, she is a rogue CIA agent who is secretly

Live and Let Die (1973) Whisper Played by Earl Jolly Brown Whisper is the name of a character in the James Bond film, Live and Let Die. The character has a very soft voice that sounds like he is whispering, hence earning himself the name.

Live and Let Die (1973) Tee-Hee Played by Julius Harris   Tee-Hee Johnson is one of Mr. Big‘s henchmen from the Ian Fleming novel Live and Let Die and its 1973 film adaption. In the film, Tee Hee is portrayed as Mr. Big‘s right hand man and has a

Diamonds Are Forever (1971) Peter Franks Played by stuntman Joe Robinson   Peter Franks is a diamond smuggler in the 1971 James Bond film Diamonds Are Forever. He is based on the character Peter Franks who is mentioned in the 1956 novel Diamonds Are Forever. James Bond then proceeds to

Marie is a henchman appearing in Diamonds Are Forever. She is portrayed by Denise Perrier. Film Biography Marie is only seen briefly when James Bond chokes her with her bathing suit top to get information on Ernst Stavro Blofeld‘s location. Marie’s status is unknown.  

Diamonds Are Forever (1971) Bambi and Thumper palyed byLola Larson (Bambi) and Trina Parks (Thumper)   Bambi and Thumper work for the unscrupulous casino manager Bert Saxby and less directly Ernst Stavro Blofeld. They guard millionaire recluse Willard Whyte, keeping him

Diamonds Are Forever (1971) Professor Doctor Metz Played by Joseph Fürst Professor Doctor Metz is a laser specialist employed by Blofeld to help in his scheme. Metz has designed a laser satellite powered by a huge diamond solar shield. A bit of an idealist

Diamonds Are Forever (1971) Bert Saxby played by Bruce Cabot Albert R. “Bert” Saxby was a fictional character from the James Bond film Diamonds Are Forever. One of Ernst Stavro Blofeld‘s leading henchmen, Saxby was portrayed by King Kong star Bruce Cabot (who passed away the following year).

Baron Samedi is a fictional character from the James Bond novel and film, Live and Let Die. In the novel, Baron Samedi is a voodoo figure with whom Mr. Big has chosen to identify himself with to inspire fear among

On Her Majesty’s Secret Service (1969) Gumbold Played By: James Bree Gumbold is the lawyer helping Blofeld in his quest to be recognized as Count de Bleauchamp.