James Bond 007 RPG’s SMERSH insignia. (credit:

Organization information
Main members: Rosa Klebb, Red Grant,
Mr. Big, Auric Goldfinger,
Le Chiffre
Headquarters: Moscow, Russia
Behind the scenes
First Appearance: Casino Royale (Novel)
From Russia with Love (Film)
Last Appearance: Goldfinger (Novel)
The Living Daylights (Film)


SMERSH (in capitalised letters) is a Soviet counterintelligence agency that was featured in Ian Fleming’s early James Bond novels and films as 007’s nemesis. SMERSH is a conjunction of two Russian words: “SMERt’ SHpionam”, (Смерть Шпионам), which means “Death to Spies”. Though Fleming’s SMERSH was supposed to be modelled on the real SMERSH organization, the novels had SMERSH as a massive Soviet counterintelligence operation aimed at sending operatives abroad to subvert the West with an additional goal of killing Western spies, particularly Bond.