Source: wikidi.com

Ekek (or Ek Ek) In Philippine mythology,  are creatures who are bird-like humans. They are winged-humans who search for victims at night. They hunger for flesh and blood. They are usually described by old folks as flying creatures that look like the Manananggal but are unable to divide or split their body. Apart from the Manananggal, they are also associated to the Wak Wak because of some similar characteristics. The only difference between a Wak Wak and Ekek is that Ekek has a bill like birds whereas the Wak Wak has none.

The Ekek can transform into a huge bird/bat at night and prowls. Similar to the Manananggal, the Ekek looks for sleeping pregnant women. Then it extends a very long proboscis into the womb and kills the fetus by draining its blood. It is said that while this is taking place, a “ek-ek-ek” sound is often heard. The Ekek fools people into thinking it is far by producing a faint sound when it is actually near.

A Philippine version of Vampire Native, common in Visayan mythology and folklore, particularly among Hiligaynon speaking groups. Looks very similiar as that of a human expect that it has longer upper canines.