Source: mythology.wikia.com

A Kapre is a Philippine mythical tree demon. Kapre is a filthy, dark giant. It favors big trees like the Balete(banyan), Mango and Acacia tree where you will sometimes find it sitting under it’s shades. A Filipino bigfoot, it scares away little children who play at night. It is describe as being tall (8 to 10 ft) brown hairy male with a beard and fond of smoking. A strong scent of tobacco is what humans notice when they believe there is a Kapre in their presence because it is invisible unless it wants to be seen. If you’re stuck in a place and you keep going around in circles, you’re said to be played around by a Kapre. To escape its control, you must remove your t-shirt, and wear it inside-out.
The term kapre comes from the Arabic “kaffir”, meaning a non-believer in Islam. The early Arabs and the Moors used it to refer to the non-Muslim Dravidians who were dark-skinned. The term was later brought to the Philippines by the Spanish who had previous contact with the Moors. Some historians speculate that the legend was propagated by the Spanish to prevent Filipinos from assisting any escaped African slaves.
They are pranksters. Often disorienting travelers and making them lost their way in the thick forests or mountain trails. Even in familiar surroundings a person can forget where he is if a Kapre decides to play a trick on the unsuspecting. Victims also experience loss of memory when they are under the enchantment of the Kapre.

Witnesses have heard loud laughter from unseen beings. Rustling leaves from tree branches even if there was no wind. A pair of fiery red glowing eyes staring at them from tree tops. The smell of tobacco and smoke coming from behind leaf ladden branches.

They are also romantics. If they fall in love with a woman they will consistently follow the “love interest” throughout life, and no man shall ever come between them……