Daniel Wroughton Craig is an English actor. Craig trained at the National Youth Theatre and graduated from the Guildhall School of Music and Drama in 1991, before beginning his career on stage. I like how Daniel Craig is a more

Truman-Lodge was an associate of drug lord Franz Sanchez. He appeared in the 1989 James Bond film Licence to Kill. According to the novelization and a trading card game his full name is William Truman-Lodge. Anthony Starke played as Truman-Lodge.

Colonel Heller is a villain and Isthmus military colonel in the James Bond film Licence to Kill. He was played by Don Stroud.

  W.G Howe is a character in the 1985 film A View to a Kill.   Daniel Benzali played as W. G Howe.

Pan Ho is one of May Day‘s two henchwomen (the other being Jenny Flex) who appear in the 1985 film A View to a Kill. Papillon Soo Soo played as Pan Ho. She was killed when Zorin flooded the fault.

Dr Carl Mortner Starred In A View To A Kill (1985) Dr Carl Mortner appears in a small number of scenes throughout the film. Bond meets the doctor as he leaves Max Zorin’s study, pretending to be looking for the

Scarpine is one of the main henchmen in the James Bond film A View to a Kill 1985. Actor Patrick Bauchau played Scarpine.

May Day is the secondary antagonist in the 1985 film A View to a Kill as the chief bodyguard and enforcer of the film’s villain, Max Zorin. Grace Jones played as May Day.  

Colonel Luis Toro is a villain in the pre-title sequence of the 1983 movie Octopussy. Actor Ken Norris played as Colonel Luis Toro.

Octopussy 1983 Lenkin Played by Actor English actor Peter Porteous   Lenkin is General Orlov‘s expert jewelry forger who works out of the Kremlin Art Repository.