Dr. No (1962) Sister Rose Played by Michel Mok Sister Rose is one of Dr. Julius No’s Henchman who appears in the 1962 James Bond film Dr. No. Sister Rose only appears briefly greeting Bond and Honey as they arrive

Dr. No (1962) Sister Lily Played by Yvonne Shima Sister Lily is one of Dr. Julius No‘s Henchman.

Dr. No (1962) Photographer Played by Marguerite LeWars James Bond Wiki-Bond Villain Profile A photographer hired by Dr. No to tail Bond when he arrives in Jamaica. She attempts to take a picture of him at the airport, but only manages

Dr. No (1962) Hearse driver Played by Adrian Robinson Jame Bond Wiki Profile A henchman who drives a hearse, transporting the Three Blind Mice trio wherever they have to kill someone. The trio evacuates John Strangways’ body in his hearse after killing him.

Dr. No (1962) Three Blind Mice Played by Eric Coverley, Charles Edghill, Henry Lopez James Bond Wiki Profile Hitmen working for Dr. No. They are tasked with eliminating John Strangways, his secretary Mary Prescott, and, eventually, Bond. They disguise themselves as blind beggars

Dr. No (1962) Miss Taro  Played by Zena Marshall James Bond Wiki Profile Miss Taro is Dr. No’s spy posing as a secretary at the Government House in Jamaica.

Dr. No (1962) Mr. Jones Played by  Reginald Carter James Bond Wiki Profile Mr. Jones poses as a chauffeur from Government House and picks Bond up at the airport when he arrives in Jamaica. Bond calls Government House and confirms

Dr. No (1962) Professor Dent Played by  Anthony Dawson In his role as a Jamaican geologist, Professor Dent is the very picture of respectability. He befriends Strangways, the British Intelligence agent who is investigating Dr. No, and frequently plays bridge

Dr. Julius No Played by Joseph Wiseman IMDb Profile Joseph Wiseman played the first Bond villain very faithful to his Fleming counterpart. The cold-calculating Doctor had a plan to dominate the world by controlling US space ship launches from his