SMERSH (in capitalised letters) is a Soviet counterintelligence agency that was featured in Ian Fleming’s early James Bond novels and films as 007’s nemesis. SMERSH is a conjunction of two Russian words: “SMERt’ SHpionam”, (Смерть Шпионам), which means “Death

Goldfinger (1964) Bonita Played by Nadja Regin James Bond Wikia  Bonita is a belly dancer who appears in the 1964 James Bond film Goldfinger. Bonita, a young woman from Turkey, dances the tarantella at the El Scorpio nightclub in Mexico. She secretly works

Goldfinger (1964) Capungo Played by Alf Joint Capungo is briefly seen in the pre-title sequence. Whilst Bonita has Bond distracted, Capungo appears from behind a wardrobe and starts to sneak up behind Bond.  

Goldfinger (1964) Jed Midnight Played by Bill Nagy   Jed Midnight was an American gangster in the 1964 movie Goldfinger. He was one of the gangsters who was invited to participate in Operation Grand Slam with Auric Goldfinger. Later Goldfinger killed him and

Goldfinger (1964) Jack Strap Played by Hal Galili James Bond Wikia Profile Jack Strap was an American gangster in the 1964 movie Goldfinger. He was one of the gangsters, who got invitation to robFort Knox with Auric Goldfinger. Later Goldfinger killed him and the

Goldfinger (1964) Martin Solo Played by Martin Benson James Bond Wiki Profile He got involved with Goldfinger’s plot and Goldfinger owed him 1 million dollars.  

Goldfinger (1964) Pussy_Galore’s Flying Circus Played by  Maggie Wright, Aleta Morrison, Jane Holland, Jane Murdoch, Maise Farrell, Caron Gardner, Lesley Langley James Bond Wiki Profile A squadron of female pilots lead by Pussy_Galore. Auric Goldfinger plans to use them for Operation Grand Slam : they’re

Goldfinger (1964) Gatekeeper Played by Varley Thomas  James Bond Wiki Profile An old lady guarding the entrance of Auric Goldfinger’s gold melting facility in Switzerland.

Goldfinger (1964) Mei Lei Played by May Ling Mei-Lei is a henchman of Auric Goldfinger and Pussy Galore.

Goldfinger (1964) Pussy Galore Played by Honor Blackman James Bond Wiki Profile She is the leader of a squad of female pilots (her Flying Circus) and plays an instrumental role in Auric Goldfinger’s daring raid on Fort Knox. She is quite