Thunderball (1965) Colonel Jacques Bouvar  Played by Bob Simmons Colonel Jacques Bouvar was an influential member of SPECTRE. He was featured during the pre-credits sequence of the 1965 James Bond film Thunderball and was portrayed by stuntman Bob Simmons with Rose Alba standing in for the female scenes. There is some discrepancy

Thunderball (1965) Janni Played by Michael Brennan Janni is a villain who appears in the 1965 film adaptation of Thunderball. He is a personal henchman of Emilio Largo who often works alongside Vargas. The character is portrayed .

Thunderball 1965 Quist Played by Bill Cummings Quist was a henchman working for Emilio Largo in the 1965 James Bond film Thunderball.

Thunderball (1965) Ladislav Kutze played by George Pravda Ladislav Kutze is the technical brain behind the handling of the atomic bombs stolen by SPECTRE. After the bombs are recovered from the submerged Vulcan, Emilio Largo gives Kutze the arming box and

From Russia with Love (1963) In the early James Bond films, SPECTRE (Special Executive for Counter-intelligence, Terrorism, Revenge and Extortion) was an international terrorist organization that aimed to control the world, or at least to make a boat load of

Thunderball (1965) Angelo Palazzi Played by Paul Stassino Angelo Palazzi was hired to assassinate and impersonate NATO pilot, Major François Derval, as part of SPECTRE’s scheme to hijack a British bomber and its atomic payload. He appeared in the 1965

Thunderball (1965) Count Lippe Played by Guy Doleman Count Lippe is a SPECTRE operative who appears in the 1961 Ian Fleming novel Thunderball and its official 1965 film adaptation, in which he was portrayed by Guy Doleman. The character also

Thunderball (1965) Vargas Played by Phillip Locke Vargas is a villain who appears in both the Ian Fleming novel Thunderball and its 1965 film adaptation. While the character’s role in the novel was relatively minor, for the big screen adaptation he