Apostis (Jack Klaff)


Apostis (Jack Klaff)


Apostis played by Jack Klaff

Born in Johannesburg, South Africa on 6th August 1951

Starred In For Your Eyes Only (1981)


Apostis takes the ATAC communicator from Bond and Melina Havelock when they exit the Neptune aboard the Triana.

In a tense and exciting sequence, Bond encounters Apostis as he climbs up the mountain to Kristatos’ hideout. He kicks Bond off the edge when he reaches the top, hanging onto a rope with only a couple of anchors in the rock. Apostis then systemically starts to remove each anchor, while Bond uses his shoelaces to climb the rope. The suspenseful sequence sees Bond throw a knife killing Apostis just before he is able to remove Bonds only rope anchor.

Apostis (1)


One of Kristatos‘ main henchmen, Apostis is placed in charge of looking after the ATAC to ensure that it doesn’t leave his sight. When the ATAC is moved to St Cyril’s, Apostis continues his protection duties, and while Kristatos’ other henchmen don’t seem to care much, Apostis is on the case.

He seems to get a bit carried away however when trying to remove Bonds rope anchors. Rather than shoot Bond when he becomes visible, he continues to try and remove the final anchor leading to his death.


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