Auric Goldfinger

Auric Goldfinger
Auric Goldfinger

Goldfinger (1964)


“No mister Bond, I expect you to die!„

~ Goldfinger

Auric Goldfinger is the titular main antagonist from the 1964 film Goldfinger. He is portrayed by Gert Fröbe.

Goldfinger was a wealthy jeweler who worked mainly with gold, being known as the biggest gold collector of the world. He had his own gold resources, but he was being investigated for smuggling illegal gold. James Bond was ordered to investigate him, discovering that Goldfinger smuggled gold in the parts of his own car, which was completely made of gold.

When Goldfinger learned about the investigation, he invited Bond for a friendly golfing game, where he threatened 007 to stay out of his business, ordering his bodyguard Oddjob to give 007 a demonstration, so Oddjob took out his hat and threw it at a statue, cutting it by the neck. Despite the threat, Bond continued investigating, which led to his capture. Goldfinger only spared him thanks to a bluff from Bond, being imprisoned instead. He eventually learned that Goldfinger was planning to invade Fort Knox, USA’s fortified gold reserve.

Thinking that Goldifinger was planning to steal the gold on it, Bond convinced the leader of the female pilots of Goldfinger, Pussy Galore, to help him thwart Goldfinger’s plans, but he was shocked to learn that Goldfinger was not planning to steal from Fort Knox, but to destroy it instead. He planned to plant a radioactive bomb inside the fort, which would render all the gold on it worthless, thus valorizing Goldfinger’s gold and making him the richest man in the world. He sends the pilots to spread a nerve gas on the vicinity of the fort, allowing him to enter the fort without resistance.

Oddjob carries the bomb inside, and Bond manages to sneak in as well, but the two are trapped inside the vault with the bomb. Oddjob fights Bond, but is electrocuted while trying to take his hat out of a grate. Bond manages to flee the place with the bomb, being helped by the guards of the fort who never died because the gas used by the pilots was not lethal, as Goldfinger had planned. Goldfinger pursues Bond, fighting him in his airplane. They accidentally open a window of the cabin, and Bond pushes Goldfinger, who is sucked out of the plane and falls to his doom.


  • Goldfinger is one of the most iconic Bond villains in history – due in part to the legendary “Goldfinger” theme, which has been considered by many as one of the best themes to any Bond film.
  • Goldfinger is the first main villain to appear that isn’t affiliated with SPECTRE, and the only one to appear before Blofeld’s defeat in Diamonds Are Forever.
  • Originally, the main villain in Diamonds Are Forever was supposed to be Goldfinger’s twin brother, but Fröbe refused to play him, so he was replaced by Ernst Stavro Blofeld.

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