Bob Conley: Manning Redwood


Bob Conley played by Manning Redwood

Starred In A View To A Kill (1985)

Bob Conley is first introduced when he meets Bond during Max Zorin‘s horse sales at his French Château. He is the brains behind the project main strike, and runs Zorin’s oil pumping stations and arranges the logistics around the main strike mine. Conley learns too late about the man he is doing business with, when he is double-crossed. Objecting that Zorin intends to drown all his men, including May Day, Conley is shot dead by Scarpine.


Bob Conley is a geologist working for Max Zorin at his oil pumping station in San Francisco Bay, and former chief engineer of a South African gold mine. Conley seems happy assisting Zorin in his plans to set off a series of devastating earthquakes submerging Silicon Valley forever. The brains behind project main strike, Conley however fails to realise Zorin’s betrayal until its too late.


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