Cab Driver 1 (Arnold Williams)

Cab Driver 1 (Arnold Williams)


Cab Driver 1 played by Arnold Williams

Starred In Live And Let Die (1973)

ProfileCab Driver 1(3)

As Bond leaves the Oh Cult Voodoo Shop, he calls a taxi and tells him to follow the car in front. In a role reversal, Bond sits seriously in the back of the cab where the driver makes comical remarks. After he enters the Fillet of Soul restaurant, Cab Driver 1 radios to say Bond is on his way.

Cab Driver 1 re-appears later in the film, where once again he is just passing the airport where Solitaire and Bond enter the taxi. After a minute or two Bond is dubious about the driver when he realises he is going the wrong way. After locking the doors and a glass partition separates them, he amusingly comments, “Well hello again there Jim!” After he drops them back into the hands of Dr Kananga, he drives off and is not seen again.

Cab Driver 1(2)


A comical henchmen working for Dr Kananga, Cab Driver 1 provides one of the highlights of the film. Making comical remarks at Bond, and later with Solitaire, he tells Bond to relax and take it easy, and to enjoy his ride to visit Mr Big.

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