Ernst Stavro Blofeld

Ernst Stavro Blofeld -Bond Villain- On Her Majesty's Secret Service (1969)
Ernst Stavro Blofeld -Bond Villain- On Her Majesty’s Secret Service (1969)


Ernst Stavro Blofeld played by Telly Savalas

Born in Long Island, New York, USA on 21st January 1924

Died 22nd January 1994

Starred In On Her Majesty’s Secret Service (1969)


Bond meets Blofeld in his guise as Sir Hillary Bray at Piz Gloria where he tries to convince Blofeld to leave Piz Gloria under a guise of further clarifying his claim to be Count. After Irma Bunt captures Bond, he is taken to Blofeld where he is questioned and locked up.
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After he manages to escape, Blofeld makes pursuit and manages to track him and Teresa Di Vicenzo to an old barn. The couple manage to escape on skis, but are soon caught in their tracks when Blofeld starts an avalanche, burying Bond and Tracy. He takes Tracy back to Piz Gloria, and takes it for granted that Bond is dead.

At the end of the film, Bond pursues Blofeld through Piz Gloria, and then into a bobsled. In an exciting sequence Bond chases after Blofeld down a bobsled run. After a intense fight, Bond manages to gain the upper hand forcing Blofeld into the middle of one of the branches of a passing tree.

Thinking he has dealt with Blofeld, Bond does not later expect the shower of bullets from Irma Bunt in a passing car. Blofeld is seen wearing a neck brace, but disappears once again.

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Telly Savalas is the third actor to play the role of Ernst Stavro Blofeld. Unlike previous actors to play the role, Telly Savalas’ portrayal of Blofeld is played with more charm, refinement and humour. Similarly while Blofeld in You Only Live Twice was more keen to get his henchmen to do the work for him, we see this version of Blofeld getting involved in fights and leading the search party for Bond whilst on skis.

Unlike You Only Twice, Blofeld’s plans seem to be a bit more scaled down though, and the demands he makes are more modest. Despite that however it is interesting to see this different portrayal of Blofeld. It makes an nice change to see a main villain getting in on the action.


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