Chang (Toshirô Suga)



Chang played by Toshirô Suga

Born in Tokyo, Japan on 22nd August 1950

Starred In Moonraker (1979)

Chang (Toshirô_Suga)


Assigned the task of ‘looking after’ James Bond, Chang takes over the controls of the centrifuge whilst Bond is meeting Dr Holly Goodhead. Barely able to activate his wrist dart gun, Bond manages to disrupt the controls stopping the centrifuge.

While Bond manages to foil Hugo Drax‘s attempt to kill him whilst shooting pigeons, Corinne Dufour is not so lucky. At Drax’s order, Chang releases his master’s hungry Dobermans that chase down Corinne in a suspenseful and harrowing sequence.

Later in Venice, Bond is confronted by Chang wearing Kendo gear. After a vicious fight smashing every exhibit in the Venni Glass museum, the fight continues upstairs into a storage area. Bond finally manages to get the upper hand over Chang, and throws him through a large ornate clock falling to his death in the busy square below.


Fulfilling the role of assassin and personal servant, Chang is the mute employee of Hugo Drax. This oriental assassin keeps a close eye on Bond and obeys Drax’s orders to “Look after Mr Bond. See that some harm comes to him”.

With no actual lines of dialogue, just grunts and fighting noises, Chang becomes another silent but deadly in the Bond series.

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