Private jet pilot

Private jet pilot(2)


Private jet pilot

Moonraker (1979)
Private jet pilot played by Actor:

French actor Jean-Pierre Castaldi, born in 1944.


Who he is:

The pilot of Bond’s private jet at the beginning of the film.

He has been hired to kill Bond, with the help of his accomplice.






Private jet hostess

Jaws (possibly)


Evil scheme:

Killing Bond.


Attempted methods of killing Bond:

Leaving him to die in a plane crash


How plans are foiled:

Bond fights with him aboard the plane as he and the hostess were about to jump with a parachute.


How he is dispatched:

Bond fights with him in mid-air over a parachute. Bond manages to grab the parachute and ejects the pilot with his feet, causing him to fall to his death.


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