Imposter 00 (Carl Rigg)


Imposter 00

The imposter 00 is a trained KGB agent who is charged to kill spies in the employ of General Koskov. He appears in the 1987 James Bond film The Living Daylights and was played by Carl Rigg. He kills 004 during an exercise in Gibraltar and many agents.


Film biography

General Koskov order Imposter to assassinate British and American spies to execute the Smiert Spionom operation which means Death to spies in Russian.

Smiert Spionom and the murder of 004

The Russian watched in Gibraltar the double-0 agents landing. As a an agent working for the Smiert Spionom operation, his goal is to kill some of them. Imposter 00 shot and killed a SAS guard before sending a carabiner, with the note Smiert Spionom, down 004’s rope and cutting grapple line killing him.

Imposter Death

Imposter 00 screaming in the car falling from the cliff just before the car explosion.

Trying to escape, Imposter kills a SAS Guard to steal a Land Rover packed with explosives, but he’s chased by James Bond who jumped on the roof of the car. Imposter run over a guard in a checkpoint so that another guard fires on the explosives creating a fire in the car. Bond cut through a canvas top and tries to stab the Imposter. The Russian hits Bond dropping the knife. Then, Bond strikes the Russian Agent in the head making him confused so that the out-of-control vehicle is propelled into mid-air off the side. James Bond escapes by parachute leaving the Imposter in the car falling from the cliff. The explosives finally exploded destroying the Land Rover and killing the screaming Imposter instantly. 007 avenged 004.


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