Gobinda (Kabir Bedi)


Gobinda is Kamal Khan‘s primary henchman and the sixth villain of the 1983 film Octopussy. He was played by actor Kabir Bedi.

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After Bond wins Kamal’s fixed game of backgammon, Gobinda crushes the loaded dice with his bare hands – shades of Oddjob crushing Goldfinger’s golf ball 19 years earlier.

Shortly afterward Gobinda chases Bond and Vijay (Vijay Amritraj)through the streets of Delhi in Tuk-Tuks.

Gobinda appears in a number of scenes, generally accompanying Kamal Khan wherever he goes, and performing various other duties, mainly security based. He confronts Bond on a number of occasions, the highlights being their fight aboard Octopussy’s train, and the climatic high altitude finale, where Gobinda falls to his death.


Gobinda is the personal henchman to Kamal Khan. He takes the role of assassin, bodyguard and also some of the roles of a servant. Like so many Villains around this time, Gobinda is tall, well built, speaks little, but has a large on-screen presence. Addressing Kamal Khan as ‘Your Excellency’, Gobinda follows the orders of his master, even when Kamal instructs him to fight Bond atop their airborne plane, albeit understandingly with some reluctance.


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