Lenkin (Peter Porteous)



Played by an English actor Peter Porteous (1930-2005).

Octopussy 1983

Who he is:

Lenkin is General Orlov‘s expert jewelry forger who works out of the Kremlin Art Repository.

He becomes worried when the Faberge Egg is missing days before an inventory of all the Kremlin’s art objects (it has been stolen by 009 in East Berlin).

Boss: General Orlov

Evil scheme:

Forges almost perfect replicas of historical Russian treasures for Orlov so he can replace and smuggle real ones.

How plans are foiled:

General Gogol uncovers his jewels counterfeiting scheme with the help of Borchoi and has him arrested.

Fun facts:

Peter Porteous later played the pipeline supervisor in The Living Daylights.


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