Liparus Captain

Liparus Captain (Sydney Tafler)
Liparus Captain


Liparus Captain played by Sydney Tafler

Born in London, England on 31st July 1916

Died 8th November 1979

Starred In The Spy Who Loved Me (1977)


The Liparus captain is seen in a number of scenes carrying out the various duties and operations in the control centre.

He doesn’t appear in earnest until the end of the film where he regrettably reports to Karl Stromberg about the escape of the submarine crews. Stromberg gives the captain the order to seal off the control centre, telling him there better not be any more ‘mishaps’.

The captain is killed later when Bond detonates the bomb placed against the wall of the control centre. His last words are simply to tell Bond that it’s too late and the plan has already been put into motion.


In charge of the running and operations of The Liparus, the captain oversees the capture of the three submarines including the USS Wayne carrying Bond, Major Anya Amasova and Captain Carter. A relativity gentle-tempered character, the Liparus Captain seems not to fit in with the ruthless and vengeful plan of Stromberg.

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