Mischka & Grischka


Mischka and Grischka

Appear in:  Octopussy 1983

Played by English twin actors David Meyer (Mischka) and Anthony Meyer (Grischka), born in 1947.
Who they are:
Russian twin assassins working undercover in Octopussy‘s circus as performers of a knife-throwing act.

Grischka is a very skilled knives-thrower.
General Orlov

Kamal Khan

Octopussy (they are part of her circus and jewels smuggling ring, but their true allegiance goes to Orlov and Kamal Khan)
Evil scheme:
To kill anyone (009 for instance) who interferes the plans of General Orlov and to help him carry out said plans.

Attempted methods of killing Bond: 

Mischka tries to burn him with a blowtorch

Grischka throws knives at him
How plans are foiled: 

They are killed and Bond stops General Orlov‘s nuclear bomb scheme.
How they are dispatched:
Mischka is killed when Bond makes a circus cannon fall on his head.

Grischka is killed when Bond throws his knife back at him.
Defining dialogue:
Grischka: And this… for my brother! (throws the knife on Bond, who opens the door he was nailed on. Bond grabs the knife and throws it back in Mischka’s belly)

Bond: And that’s for 009!


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