Scarpine (Patrick Bauchau)


Scarpine is one of the main henchmen in the James Bond film A View to a Kill. He was played by Patrick Bauchau.


Film biography

Scarpine is introduced to James Bond under the alias of St John Smythe, who arrived at the security check with Pan Ho. He tells Bond all the necessary information about what events will be taking place at the horse sale and even takes him to the showing. He then sends Bond on his way to the guest quarters where he is met by Jenny Flex. Scarpine is later seen at the party, when Bond uses his polarizing sunglasses to see inside Zorin’s office to spy on his meeting with Stacey. Scarpine accompanies Zorin to San Francisco and personally kills Klotkoff, a KGB agent spying on Zorin. After Bond throws Zorin from the Golden Gate Bridge, Scarpine was killed when Lit Dynamite exploded in Zorin’s blimp.


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