Sergei Barsov (Michael Billington)

Sergei Barsov
Sergei Barsov


Sergei Barsov played by Michael Billington

Sergei Barsov (or Sergei Borzov in the novelization) is a fictional Soviet agent and Major Anya Amasova’s lover. He appears in the 1977 James Bond film The Spy Who Loved Me and its accompanying novelization.


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Film biography

After making love to his girlfriend, Anya Amasova, Barsov leaves to complete a mission in Austria, it was to kill James Bond. He and his minions tried to kill him on a downhill ski chase in Austria, but James killed him and escaped.

Novelization biography

Sergei was a member of Otdyel II, the operations and executions branch of SMERSH in the film novelization of The Spy Who Loved Me, but was never mentioned as a member in the actual film. Borzov was the romantic love interest of agent XXX before being killed by James Bond in the opening teaser.

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