Truman-Lodge (Anthony Starke)

Truman-Lodge was an associate of drug lord Franz Sanchez. He appeared in the 1989 James Bond film Licence to Kill and was played by Anthony Starke. According to the novelization and a trading card game his full name is William Truman-Lodge.

Film biography

In a deleted scene, CIA informant Pam Bouvier mentions that Truman-Lodge is Sanchez’s “financial whizz-kid” and is wanted in the United States for insider trading on Wall Street. Throughout the film, he expresses a great focus on the financial aspects of Sanchez’s business, protesting about some of Sanchez’s decisions due to the financial consequences of such moments as the destruction of his factory.

Sanchez flees as fire consumes his base, taking with him four articulated tankers full of the cocaine and petrol mixture. During the course of the chase through the desert, three of the four tankers are destroyed, prompting Truman-Lodge to sarcastically congratulated Sanchez with an “80 million dollar write-off”. The drug lord simply retorts “I guess it’s time to start cutting overhead” and sprays him with a Micro UZI.


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