Nothing But a Man 1964

Yaphet Kotto as Jocko
Yaphet Kotto as Jocko

Nothing But a Man is a film made in 1964, directed by Michael Roemer. The story is about a black railroad worker who falls in love with the town’s preacher’s daughter, and tries to maintain his respect in the white racist south in the early 1960s. The story depicts the struggle of their strife for “a meaningful place” in their society. It stars Ivan Dixon as Duff Anderson and Abbey Lincoln as Josie Dawson. According to The Washington Post, “Nothing But a Man is one of the most sensitive films about black life ever made in this country”.


Ivan Dixon: Duff Anderson

Abbey Lincoln: Josie Dawson

Yaphet Kotto: Jocko

Leonard Parker: Frankie

Stanley Green: Reverend Dawson

Eugene Wood: Johnson

Helen Lounck: Effie Simms

Julius Harris: Will Anderson

Gloria Foster: Lee

Gertrude Jeanette: Mrs. Dawson

Tom Ligon: Teenager

William Jordan: Teenager

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