Bonanza: “Child” (1968)

Bonanza: Season 10, Episode 2 “Child” (22 Sep. 1968)

While visiting a remote town to await the arrival of Ben, Little Joe and Candy, Hoss is wrongly arrested for the murder and robbery of a hermit miner. When a lynch mob starts to gather, cowboy Child Barnett breaks Hoss out of jail. Both are chased by a posse whose interest is not justice, but the retrieval of the money that the miner was thought to have stashed away.



Yaphet Kotto                 …            Child Barnett

Lorne Greene                    …            Ben Cartwright

Dan Blocker                       …            Eric ‘Hoss’ Cartwright

Michael Landon                …            Joseph ‘Little Joe’ Cartwright

John Marley                       …            Marshal Millett

Harry Hickox                      …            Mayor Bingham

Henry Beckman                  …            Charlie Matson

David Canary                      …            Candy Canaday

Frank De Vol                      …            Brother Stoner

Charles Maxwell               …            Buck

Bruce Kirby                         …            Chad

E.J. Schuster                       …            Harry

Robert Ball                          …            Clerk

Michael Jeffers                 …            Townsman (uncredited)

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