Gunsmoke: The Scavengers (1970)

Yaphet Kotto as Piney Biggs

Gunsmoke: Season 16, Episode 10

The Scavengers (16 Nov. 1970)

Piney Biggs wanders tired and thirsty into what’s left of a family’s camp site that has been massacred with no survivors. As he is scavenging through the remains a band of Indians come by and Piney is forced to play dead. He later identifies them as the attackers and tells the people of Dodge that he had been traveling with the family and he is the only survivor. A posse is formed to hunt them down. The Indians are captured by a slimy band of bounty hunters who find Piney’s story suspicious. Written by tomtrekp


Yaphet Kotto                     …            Piney Biggs

James Arness                    …            Matt Dillon

Milburn Stone                   …            Doc

Amanda Blake                   …            Kitty Russell

Ken Curtis                           …            Festus Haggen

Buck Taylor                         …            Newly O’Brien

Cicely Tyson                       …            Rachel Biggs

Slim Pickens                       …            Colley

Roy Jenson                         …            Rath

Link Wyler                           …            Logan

Victor Holchak                   …            Lieutenant

James Almanzar                 …            Ogana

Eddie Little Sky                  …            Scarface

Victor Izay                           …            Barkeep

Glenn Strange                   …            Sam Noonan

Ted Jordan                          …            Nathan Burke

Jere Fields                           …            Merilee Biggs (as Jerelyn Fields)

Hank Wise                           …            Livery Man

Steve Raines                      …            Driver

Bert Madrid                        …            Townsman on Horseback (uncredited)

Jimmy Noel                        …            Townsman (uncredited)

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