Mannix: Season 2, Episode 18 Death in a Minor Key (1969)

Mannix: Season 2, Episode 18 Death in a Minor Key (1969)

Yaphet Kotto as Gabe Johnson / Gabriel Dillon

Peggy has been dating a black musician named Gabe Johnson. While they are at a jazz club, he and a man in the audience both recognize one another, and Gabe flees, without Peggy and without his prized cornet. Peggy turns to Joe Mannix and asks him to investigate Gabe’s disappearance. Mannix learns that Gabe’s real name is Gabe Dillon, and that the man in the club who recognized him (and whom Gabe recognized) was the police chief from the southern town where Gabe escaped while serving a ten-year prison term for burglary, attempted murder, and hit and run. Mannix attempts to help Gabe, but his efforts are stymied by Gabe’s own resistance, and by the police chief’s dogged pursuit of the fugitive.



Yaphet Kotto                  …            Gabe Johnson / Gabriel Dillon

Mike Connors                    …            Joe Mannix

Gail Fisher                          …            Peggy Fair

Anthony Zerbe                  …            Chief Walt Finlay

Evans Evans                       …            Phyllis Judson Garth

Ed Gilbert                            …            Roger Garth (as Edmund Gilbert)

Conlan Carter                    …            Al Garner

Lee Weaver                        …            Charlie Willis

Robert Miller Driscoll      …            Prison Official

Nancy Burnett                   …            Librarian

Johnny Silver                     …            Barney

Jon Lormer                         …            Boylan

Ann Loos                             …            Clara Boylan


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